Poem: Poetry

Poetry is not published in a book

Or scribbled in a journal

It is not composed of strict meter & rhyme

Stanza & structure

Assonance & alliteration

Poetry is nature

Poetry is non-sequitur

Poetry is the way our lips move

Intertwined like grapiary vines

With grace and determination

That is simply divine.

Poetry is the way you wake up on

A lazy summer Sunday morning

And listen to the heartbeat of your lover

Laying not too far away

Poetry is the compassion and selfless desire

That causes us to buy meals for strangers

And tip extra just for the hell of it

Poetry is the fact that each one of us is another

Infinitely random manifestation of the universe

Attempting to understand itself

Through convoluted cosmic introspection

Poetry is the way wise winds blow

Softly through the tress

Whispering secrets to anyone who wishes

To hear.

Poetry is the way the river lovingly

Embraces each and every pebble to the

Riverbed like a mother holds her newborn


Poetry is organic.

These words are not poetry

Life is poetry, death is poetry, we are poetry.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Poetry

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