Remember When? New Take On Ghazals


I remember when I knew you’d go, so I inhaled your words;

Shorts gasps clasp only slivers of your love, the pieces that you trailed behind as you left.


I remember when you said we would never end. But love,

I knew better. And you changed, parallel to the new season.


I remember when we’d sit as my eyes stared into oblivion,

Reaching you from so far. I would slip away, like you. And you carried me off.


I remember when you said you’d always stay here for me

Never leaving, even when I told you a billion times: “I’m okay, I’m okay”.


And in the break of night, I remember when I welcomed

Your calm, soothing voice. I remember the words that plagued the soft tone.


But one thing I can’t remember is a time where you didn’t

Intrigue me, entice me. Two times the strength of the moon along the tides.


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